Jim Stringer and The AM Band's core members have played literally THOUSANDS of gigs together... and have, along the way, developed a gigantic repertoire of songs comprising vintage country, roots rock and roll, swing jazz, and vintage pop from the era when AM Radio dominated the airwaves. They have played hundreds of "casual" gigs... corporate events, weddings, conventions, private parties, etc.

The AM Band once played at a party for aTrivia Club. Several of the members had been winning contestants on  "Jeopardy" and "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". The challenge to audience was to stump the band with their requests!

The band was NOT stumped!

Click one of the links below to view a PDF of a typical set list from various types of gigs:

Holiday Party Call List - December 2009 General Audience, dance music, well known tunes. Not arranged in sets, but in "call list" format.
Festival Concert Set - Mirande France 2011 Festival audience, heavy on original songs from CDs, 90 minute set list.
Three Set Dance, February 2012 Sunday afternoon dance music for older demographic, well known songs, set list format..
SXSW Showcase Set 2012 SXSW Showcase Artist set list, 2012, The White Horse, forty-five minute set.
Weekly Club Gig Club audience, mixed original and dance, concentrating on entertainment value.
Long Repertoire List Long repertoire list, inclusive, but not entirely comprehensive.


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